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Victor Cui: ahead of One FC ‘Reign of Champions’ (Interview)

"The UAE is a premier destination for ONE FC and mixed martial arts. There is such a fervent knowledge of the sport of mixed martial arts that you rarely find in any other cities."

Fighting Lifestyle UAE Caught up with One Fighting Championship boss Victor Cui ahead of One FC  ‘Reign of Champions’. The event is set to be held on August 29th at the World Trade Center, Dubai in front of a sell out audience.

The ONEFC is making its Middle Eastern debut on Aug 29th where else will we be seeing the ONE FC in the Middle Eastern region in the years / months to come?

“ONE FC: REIGN OF CHAMPIONS is the first step for ONE FC into making the Middle East a mainstay in the ONE FC calendar. The Middle East have such a fervent passion for mixed martial arts that you can hardly find in other regions and they deserve to be treated to adrenaline-pumping mixed martial arts action by world-class mixed martial arts athletes.”

You have recently signed Roger Gracie, where will Roger be making his One fc Debut and against who?

“The signing of Roger Gracie demonstrates that ONE FC is a premier destination for top mixed martial artists in the world, and he joins a star-studded roster that features greats like Shinya Aoki, Ben Askren, Bibiano Fernandes and Brandon Vera. Roger will be making his debut in the very near future so stay tuned for that!”

Being Asia’s largest MMA body are we to see the onefc expand in a big way in the european and american markets in the future?

“The Asian continent is the largest in the world and the number of people here is more than both the European and American markets combined! We are very focused on bringing world class mixed martial arts action to every major city in Asia. That being said, we are getting many offers from both Europe and North America and if the right offer comes along, we will consider pushing forward the expansion plans.”

Can you comment on the talent present in Asia compared to the west?

“Asia has been the birthplace and home of martial arts for the last 5,000 years. There is no doubt that we have some really strong Asian fighters who fantastic. The mixed martial artists in Asia have been waiting their entire careers for an opportunity to showcase their skills on a global stage. Asia is a hotbed for mixed martial arts talent and ONE FC provides the platform for them to demonstrate that they are as good as, if not better, than the talent in the west.”

In your opinion which One FC fighter or fighters stand out currently?

“There are so many world-class athletes in ONE FC now. Ben Askren is arguably the best wrestler in MMA today, both Bibiano Fernandes and Shinya Aoki are legendary grapplers, and we have striking standouts like Nobutatsu Suzuki and Koji Oishi.”

What are your thoughts on the UAE as destination for the ONE FC?

“The UAE is a premier destination for ONE FC and mixed martial arts. There is such a fervent knowledge of the sport of mixed martial arts that you rarely find in any other cities. We believe that with ONE FC’s constant presence in the country, we will soon see an emirati compete in ONE FC, and potentially find the next ONE FC world champion from this country.”

ONE FC has grown rapidly over the years what are the biggest challenges you have faced along this journey?

“The sport of mixed martial arts is still in its infancy. Raising the sport to mainstream popularity, the audience are able to engage with the fighters on a personal level. We create national heroes that people can relate to, and the entire country can get behind that athlete when he competes. The support from fight fans has helped us grow and kept us motivated to bringing better fight events across Asia and now UAE!”

What is your message for fight fans of the UAE?

“UAE fans, come down to ONE FC: REIGN OF CHAMPIONS this Friday. It’s going to be a night of explosive action that you don’t want to miss. With THREE world championship fights, it is definitely the most stacked fight card ONE FC has ever had.”