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One FC: Ana Julaton talks ahead of Aug 29th (Audio Call)

"I was able to accomplish titles in boxing and down the line, I would like to accomplish titles in the One Fc & MMA as well."


Fighting Lifestyle UAE’s Ali Shirazee caught up with Ana ‘the Hurricane’ Julaton ahead of her fight at the One Fc ‘Reign of Champion’, which will take place in Dubai August 29th.

In an audio call Ana discusses her background and transition into Mixed Martial Arts, Her accomplishments and goals, the One FC and More.

Coming from a boxing background, how do you find transitioning in to MMA?

“It’s definitely a lot of fun. My background was actually in martial arts, and my Martial arts teacher introduced me into boxing. It was more difficult for me to study martial arts and boxing at the same time and then when I won my first world title, so I decided to just commit my self fully to boxing and understand the art a little bit better & now that I am with the One Fc I have the opportunity to do MMA. I feel like the transitioning is a little bit smoother. I feel like I am lucky to have a really good cohesive camp. I have a lot of training partners that have a lot of experience in boxing, Grappling, Jiu-jitsu, wrestling, Kickboxing, Muay Thai & so forth. So over all it feels pretty awesome to put everything together.”

What type of martial arts have you been doing before Boxing?

“I started taekwondo at the age of 10 years old; I did that for almost ten years. I have competed in national tournaments, won the junior Olympics and I traveled to Korea & trained with some of the best people there. Since I got a little older I started training in Kempo Karate, it’s a little bit more traditional but the discipline behind it I thought was very effective. So by the time I got introduced to boxing I was able to parallel both the martial arts training and boxing at the same time.”

You are no stranger to high-level competition & you have accomplished a lot as a female athlete and as a boxer. What do you hope to achieve from MMA as an athlete and as a woman?

“I feel like with MMA & the One FC the sky is the limit, The One Fc has one of the biggest stages in the entire world and is one of the biggest MMA companies in the world, they have a billion viewership. For a fighter whether you are a male or female, you just want to fight. So for me I’m just taking it one fight at a time. I was able to accomplish titles in boxing and down the line, I would like to accomplish titles in the One Fc & MMA as well.”

Can you talk about your experience training with some notable figures such as Freddie Roche & Roger Mayweather? How has that impacted your MMA?

“I am very honored to be able to share the ring and work with Freddie and Roger. In boxing they are highly competitive towards each other, and I guess they competed at the same time as professional fighters. Now that they both are training at a high level, they still have that competitive edge towards each other and also towards the sport. What I thought was interesting is that physically their styles and techniques are very different, but there mindset however is very similar. It’s nice to be able to feed of that. From boxing to MMA I feel fighting is fighting. I think it’s the mentality that needs to be understood, and in boxing you really get to understand the purity of fighting because your only limited to your fist verses MMA in which you have all these different weapons you can use in the Cage.”

August 29th is a big fight for you, what would a victory over Ann Othman mean?

“I think it’s a ‘win’ ‘win’ scenario for me. Once I signed with the One FC, I knew I was going to have hard competition & it was nice for me to have a fight in Manila earlier this year and come of with a victory. Also to be a part of the biggest MMA stage, I mean that fight is stacked with awesome fights, just to be a part of it and be the only female fight, to me is just amazing. I plan on doing my best. I’m highly competitive & I feel like this is a great opportunity for me to showcase that. I look forward to it.”