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Royce Gracie Interview: Metamoris, One FC, UFC & Sport Jiu-Jitsu

"any thing is possible you just need the discipline to get up and do it, to get up and practice"

Fighting Lifestyle UAE caught up with Royce Gracie during his visit to Dubai at HM fitness centre. Royce Gracie is considered to be the most influential man in the history of modern MMA and is accredited for bringing the effectiveness of Brazilian Jiujitsu mainstream. Gracie talks to us about submission only tournaments such as the Metamoris and gives us his opinion on what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has evolved into over the years with techniques such as Berimbolo & the Worm Guard being introduced into sport BJJ.

In addition Royce Gracie commented on the One FC coming to Dubai on August 29:

“One Fc gets a lot of fighters from this side of the world from ASIA, from Mideast, a lot of people who don’t have the chance to go and compete in the UFC to go compete in America, You see there is so much talent in this side, so many people have been training already for so long, and the One Fc is the way in for them to get a future in Martial Arts & in Fighting.”

Royce Gracie believes that there should be more submission only tournaments introduced, after we asked him his opinion on Rickson Gracie’s plans of introducing a federation, that would resemble more of the Budo Challenge tournaments.

Contribution by BJJ Analyst Ricky Rout